BEST 5 Restaurants in Ikseon-dong

Did you ever go to Ikseon-dong(익선동)?  There is a Ikseon-dong Hanok Viallage (익선동 한옥 마을) and it’s a hidden place between Jongro-3 ga station(종로3가) and Anguk station (안국), a place that mix of traditional and modern. Even it’s not a famous place for tourists, it is the hottest place for Korean recently. Let’s discover the another face of Korea and check out the BEST 5 restaurants in Ikseon-dong!   1. Gyeongyangsik 1920 (경양식 1920) 1920 is the year that Korea government made Ikseon-dong Hanok Village and Gyeongyangsik 1920 is a trendy restaurant in a traditional Hanok (한옥) with pink curtains and chairs, which attract a lot … BEST 5 Restaurants in Ikseon-dong 더보기

BEST 5 Water Park in Korea <3

  Are you planning where should you go during this summer? Just bring all of your friends to the water park. There are many water parks in Korea are popular around the world!! Let’s check them out!!! 1. Gimhae Lotte Water Park (김해롯데워터파크) The Lotte Group has opened the largest water park in Korea. The Gimhae Lotte Water Park is “Polynesian” themed and its styled surroundings and water rides are sure to leave visitors with lasting memories. Source: Instagram Equipped with an outdoor water pool, indoor wave pool, tornado slides and much more, the facility is the size of 17 … BEST 5 Water Park in Korea ❤ 더보기

The Top 5 Must-eat food in Busan

There’s always some famous foods that can represent a city. How about representative foods in Busan? This summer, let’s go to Busan and try these top 5 must-eat foods!! 1. Wheat Noodles (밀면, Milmyeon) Korean called wheat noodles as Milmyeon. Every summer, Busan people love to have wheat noodles since it’s in cold soup and it’s sweet and sour taste. There are two types of Wheat Noodles. The one with soup named Mul-Milmyeon(물냉면) and the another one without soup named Bibim-Milmeyeon(비빔냉면). Which one do you like more? -The Best Milmyeon Restaurants in Busan- 1) Gaya Milmyeon 가야밀면 Ad.: 27, Jwadongsunhwan-ro, … The Top 5 Must-eat food in Busan 더보기

Tent cafe, the new trendy place for taking nap

Sometimes we just want to take a rest and lie down after a whole-day shopping or after a meal. Today I’m going to introduce you these tent cafes which provide a tent  for taking a nap!! 1. Modumak 모두만 Source: Naver Source: Naver Modumak is a tent cafe that full with lovely atmosphere which located in Hongdae area. You can find there’s a lot of  toys and cute stuffs to make it like a place for kids! Source: Naver Also, tents are in pink and purple color tone as well. It seems like Modumak Cafe can bring you back to your childhood! … Tent cafe, the new trendy place for taking nap 더보기

C-Festival 2017

Winter’s gone, Spring’s coming. May in Korea is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. This May, how about going to C-Festival in Coex? Source: C-Festival Official website Source: C-Festival Official website The C-Festival 2017 is going to start from 3 May to 7 May, and “DREAM” is the theme of this year.  It separated into 3 areas, which are “Dream Theater”, “Dream Garden” and “Dream Agit”. 1.Dream Theater Source: C-Festival Official website A lot of performance and parade will be held on the East Square and Yeongdong-daero District. Such as fire dance, large-scale parade, street art show, and concert! Source: C-Festival Official website The title … C-Festival 2017 더보기