Scooter bars can be found in two types: the Y-bar and the T-bar. The Y-bar is shaped in the shape of a letter Y. It comprises three or more pieces, joined in a Y-shaped configuration.

The scooter T-bar is comprised of two parts that are welded in a T-shape. Some T-bars come with reinforcements to the crossbar for more durability. Certain pro scooter bars feature back sweeps meaning that they are bent to an angle backward, just like many handlebars designed for bicycles.

The choice of an oversized scooter with a back sweep or not is dependent on your style or taste and individual preference. You can buy thebest quality scooter bar via

Pro Scooter Bars - AIRBar by Lucky Scooters

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The huge stunt scooter bars that have an inside dimension of 32mm are usually constructed from steel. The steel scooter bar is heavier, however, they are nevertheless, they are extremely solid and strong and thus very durable.

Oversized bars that have an internal size of about 28mm are generally made from aluminum. Aluminum scooter bars can be described as lightweight however, they are not as durable as steel ones. The light material does, however, make it much easier to perform tricks on the air and is perfect for use in parks.

In the final category, we have a Titanium bar for scooters. As with the other two kinds of bars, they also come in standard and large sizes. The best thing about titanium bars is that in addition to being light but they're also extremely robust.