Are you planning to remodel and update your kitchen to make it more comfortable and inviting for all? You have been viewing photos online from magazines for taking ideas; you may notice how AERIN lighting helps to enhance your kitchen appearance. Moreover, kitchen light fixtures can be both attractive and functional. They help to provide proper illumination for work areas and complement and accentuate architectural and decorative elements of your kitchen.

Kitchen Light Fixture Design Ideas:

There are various creative lighting designs ideas for your kitchen, including contemporary hanging fixtures directly a light beam over an island, recessed lighting with an eyeball, and an up-light chandelier in the adjacent dining room.

  1. Recessed Lights:

Recessed lights are used for both over-task areas and general lighting in your kitchen. The most common size of recessed lights cans is 6 inches in diameter, perfect for all applications. These kinds of lights are typically placed 5-6 feet far from the general lighting, and you can also place them closer in proximity over task areas. Choose the recessed incandescent light fixtures with the white baffle trim that are used to illuminate the work areas and provide you general lighting in L-shaped Kitchen.

  1. Directional Recessed Lights:

You can direct the beam of lights from recessed fixtures by using an eyeball trim casing with rotation. Moreover, directional trims are adjustable and can be used to illuminate your work and display areas. Directional recessed lights were used to cast lights onto the work areas of your kitchen. You can add the lights over the refrigerator, cooktop for prep areas and sinks.

  1. Decorative Pendant Lights:

Decorative lights can add color, style, and focal point to your kitchen. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Glass lights glow, whereas metallic fixtures become an architectural element. Pendant lights are used in twos or threes when you are placed over a peninsula or island. You can place three pendant lights in your kitchen to add an architectural element. Additionally, under-cabinet and recessed lights are used to illuminate your task areas.

  1. Multiple Lamp Fixtures:

A multiple lamp fixture can be mounted with a single connection on a ceiling and, depending on the design, can disperse light over an area of two feet for each lamp. These types of fixtures ate perfect for illuminating the surface of your peninsula and island if you use down-lights lamps, and using the dimmer switch can reduce the glare over the reflecting counter surfaces. Some of the interesting fixtures are used to illuminate your sink and island in your custom kitchen.

  1. Cabinet Lighting:

Cabinet lights are perfect for displaying content and also practical if people have vision problems. You can install the puck lights inside the cabinets with the glad doors. For this, LED lights strips are the perfect option for your under-cabinet lighting. Both types of lighting fixtures can be installed with dimmer switches for ambiance. Your puck lights to reduce the heat they give off in an enclosed cabinet.

Covering Up:

It is great to brighten up your kitchen with AERIN lighting. There are main 5 types of lighting for your kitchen space.