Need to seat more people at your kitchen table but there’s not enough room for a larger one? Install a built-in seat or bench, like a restaurant booth, otherwise known as a banquette. When sketching out your kitchen renovation, draw a banquette into a corner and solve seating and storage challenges in one fell swoop.

While most popular in kitchens, banquettes can appear in a number of nooks throughout the home. Best of all they create an intimate, cozy dining experience.

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Create an Eat-in Kitchen You’ll Love: Banquettes work well in smaller spaces because fewer chairs mean less wasted space. While sitting at a traditional kitchen table, you need at least three feet of space to push your chair back. However, with a banquette, one side is a fixed bench you slide into…no chair shuffling is required, making it a great solution if you want to create an eat-in kitchen with limited space. Even better, banquettes can accommodate a greater number of diners than a comparably sized table and chairs.

Make it Fit Your Decor: Because they’re designed for the room, banquettes adjust easily to any decor. If you have a sleek, modern kitchen, you can install one with clean lines.

For a 1950s touch, you can make it look like it sprang right out of an old-fashioned diner. Enhance your country kitchen with scattered pillows in gingham and calico. Not limited to a rectangular shape, semi-circular banquettes are also quite common. Work with your kitchen renovation company to design the perfect banquette for your space.