Are you embarrassed due to lost teeth? Does this interfere with your smile, talking, or eating?Getting dental bridges can solve those problems and help you improve your well-being and confidence.

There are some distinct alternatives out there for dental bridges in Cambridge MA . Keep reading to find out more about the way this cosmetic dental treatment may restore your smile and discover if it is perfect for you.

dental bridge

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Dental bridges help restore missing teeth along with your confident grin. You might have missing teeth in an accident or because of gum disease.If you are not a candidate for a dental implant, a bridge might be your solution.

The substances used to create bridges comprise gold, metals, porcelain, or even a mixture of those substances.

Kinds of Dental Bridges

1. Maryland Bonded Bridges: This kind of bridge can be referred to as a resin-bonded bridge along with even a Maryland bridge. It is made from ceramic that is fused into a tooth. A metallic frame supports this particular tooth.

The frame has metal wings on all sides of the bridge that are secured to your natural teeth. This manner of the bridge is frequently utilized to replace misaligned teeth.

2. Fixed Implant Bridges: A fixed implant bridge utilizes dental implants placed in the jawbone. This sort of bridge attaches to the dental implants, offering a permanent solution. It works and seems just like your natural teeth.