Good restaurants-Auer Dining



My best menus are mackerel pasta, aranchini, pork taco, half roast chicken

If you go down a little to the left from the auer bakery, you will immediately see the
auer diner


You can also have a ballet, but if you go a little further to the right from the auer bakery

The store itself is not wide but it is not uncommon indite!IMG_7969

baguette bread pancakes were delicious. It was delicious.


Aranchini (18,000 won), a squid ink that came out of my mind soon

Aranchini was the first to try it, and I was expecting it to be so popular in the Aurian dining!

The surface is really crisp and well fried and contains black rice, cheese, and ragose sauce.


It was really delicious.

I am very grateful and accused of cheese, but I am completely satisfied.

Mackerel pasta



Pork taco



Half roast chicken



great place to stay:


Accommodation recommended in Seoul:

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