HANBOKNAM: An easy way to rent Hanbok

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Renting hanbok and taking pictures around traditional palace becomes a new trend in Korea. You can find it is in tourists’ must-do list as well!

However, there are so many hanbok-renting shops these days.
People don’t know where to go and which one is the best.
When you think Gyeongbok Palace is the only place you can take pictures with Hanbok,
I have to say “NO!!!!!”.

Today, I am going to show you hanbok shop which
has good quality hanboks and a studio for customers to take hanbok pictures ❤


HANBOKNAM  is located nearby Changdeokgung Palace.
You can make perfect hanbok styling for your special memories with
your friends, lover, and family ❤

Let’s check how to rent hanbok!!



You can tell the staff what kind of package and what kind of style that you want.
Since they offer hanbok in traditional style and fancier style.
Also, they have their own studio for customers to take pictures.

After you choose your package, then they will offer you a locker. You can put all the things inside and only grab your camera or phone!!!


You can fit the hanbok that you want~
They have theme hanbok and traditional hanbok in HANBOKNAM.



Theme Hanbok means those hanboks in more colorful and fancier pattern style,
including king and queen’s Hanbok.

And traditional hanbok is what Korean people wear during
traditional festivals in a simpler style.



You can make perfect Hanbok styling here
as you can get gorgeous hair styling service by HANBOKNAM’s staff and it is free!!
You also can add various accessories by paying extra money.


See! How lovely they are in these Hanboks! ❤
However, you can just rent Hanboks for taking pictures outdoor
or purchase the special package that you only can find in HANBOKNAM,
taking pictures in their own studio!!

11._경복궁_한복남_셀프스튜디오 - 복사본경복궁_한복남_셀프스튜디오_(2)경복궁_한복남_셀프스튜디오_(5)경복궁_한복남_셀프스튜디오_(3) - 복사본

Self-studio can only found in Kyeongbokgugn Palace branch.
HANBOKNAM own studio where customers can take pictures themselves.
There are 15 kinds of Korean traditional set and various historical backgrounds
so you can experience more in here!



If you want to get more information or get interested in HANBOKNAM’s packages,
you can click these links for more details:

1) 2.5hr Traditional Hanbok&Self studio: https://goo.gl/qfCVcm
2) 1hr Hanbok&Self studio: https://goo.gl/fD6qCB
3) 2.5hr Theme Hanbok&Self studio: https://goo.gl/vVPBQ8
4) 2.5H Traditional Hanbok: https://goo.gl/UqSYpK
5) 2.5H Theme Hanbok: https://goo.gl/1ZbNfD

No1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking

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