Sound of breath IN BUSAN

These days, the shell is hard and the shrimp is perfect.
Perfect! It was famous.

I just wonder what the shrimp is!
This is the perfect shrimp.
I am special in Jeju only
It is the middle form of crab and shrimp!


Compared to the outward appearance,
The sweetness is strong and many people are looking for ~
Addicted to the taste of the shrimp

In Busan, the sound of Gwanganri
It is famous for delicious shrimp restaurant!
It’s trendy because it’s all over the exterior! I would like to go inside too.

Forgive your shrimp and your hands become dirty.
I think the sink was built in the dining room.
Sense opens!



A personal hammer to break the hard shrimp
General fork, crab fork and
A picture of a maid of honor’s voice
I’m lying …. It’s so cute!


TIP As you like snow crab, stone octopus, lobster
You can have it added!
Salad with cheese soles
Do you have the right food for dinner?
Why is the quality so high ?!
Everybody Body Shek Body Body Body Body
In the middle of eating
Inside the steamed shrimp basically
Mussels, sausages, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn
It was in there!


I was wondering if it was a good match
I’m steamed and I’m sucking it hard!
The crab tastes delicious in shrimp ….
I can not forget the taste of the presidential election!
Taste that can not be enjoyed in ordinary shrimp !!
I will come again.



Pusan ​​Shochu President’s Day
Are you curious about the taste?
I hope you will come!


Bus No. 84, Kwangnam Road, Busan Suyeong 5 copies
Map of 202-12, Guangnan East Branch

Opening hours
Everyday 11:30 – 02:00 Open throughout the year



No1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking

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