Food Tour in Busan: Haeundae Amso Galbijip

Want to get some local Korean food in Busan? Here is a restaurant totally worth trying: Haeundae Amso Galbijip.

It seems like just another normal Hanok when you walk by, but inside they have the secret recipe loved by both locals and visitors. Haeundae Amso Galbijip was built in this beautiful traditional Hanok house with an open yard, the business has been run by 2 generations from the family for over 50 years, and has become one of the most famous restaurants in Busan that visitors must try.

Haeundae Amso Galbijip – Front Gate

Haeundae Amso Galbijip – Yard

Menu of Haeundae Amso Galbijip

Haeundae Amso Galbijip had a very simple menu specialized in only 3 courses, the Fresh Beef Ribs, Spicy Beef Ribs, and Pulgogi (or Bulgogi, Korean grilled beef), all using high-quality Korean Hanwoo (Korean native beef), which ensures you a great taste!

The most welcomed one of the menu is, of course, Fresh Beef Ribs, and just like other Korean restaurants, the various side dishes are all free!

The side dishes

Fresh Beef Ribs & Spicy Beef Ribs

Fresh Beef Ribs

Spicy Beef Ribs

You start with cutting bones off the ribs and slightly grill the beef, their specially designed grill pan will let extra blood and oil drop through it without ruining any taste while cooking. They also use the real charcoal fire, which is believed to be the best way to grill the meat. 

After enjoying the beef, don’t forget to add the noodles! Their special potato noodles boiled in very thick broth is almost as popular as the grilled beef, and watching the noodles being cooked around the side of the pan is so satisfying!

Potato Noodles

Location: 1225-1 Jung-dong, Haeundae, Busan


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