Get Your Selfie Latte at caFACE, Hongdae!

The Koreans are taking fancy coffee to the next level! At caFACE in Hongdae, Seoul, you can not only take a selfie but also “Drink” one!

CaFACE is a popular Cafe in Hongdae where you can make a memory with their special customized Latte. How? Just order your drink and choose the picture you want them to print on it~ Your drink will come in really vivid color, unbelievable details, and it’s 100% safe and drinkable! Tastes just like the regular Latte~

Price of the drinks is common, like many other Cafes in Korea. And for a special “Face Latte”, there’s only an extra 2,700won (sround $2.5) for the service, quite fair for the fun! Great experience loved by both Koreans and foreign visitors, especially young couples!

Price of Selfie Lattes


Couple Selfie Lattes

Selfie Latte – Stirred

More than the Selfie Latte, caFace also has a small art corner for you to design and paint your own ceramic figure! Look how cute they are!

There are 2 types of figures – the boy and the girl

Kid drawing ceramic figures


Location: B2 Seogyo Plaza, 20 Hongikro 3gil, Mapogu, Seoul (next to Hongdae Trick Eye Museum)


*Photos from Blogger 콩다, SJ, and 하하하

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