Let’s party up in Hongdae NB2

If you visit Seoul, then you shouldn’t miss the younger’s heaven in Hongdae which is NB2!!

The most famous club in Hongdae is NB2.


If you go to Hongdae club, it’s right here!
It is also the place where many clubbers go.
Music is a bit hip-hop / electric / kpop.


It is a club that comes not only to Koreans but also foreigners alike.

On a weekend basis,
Free admission before 10:00.
Before 11 o’clock is 10,000 won.
It is ten thousand won after 11 o’clock.
The locker costs 3,000 won
It is 2000 won when it is returned.

* Free Drink (free link, feed)
On weekdays and weekends NB free admission Guests
Purchase of free link within 30,000 won per person
2 units 5000 yen minimum unit,
Cash only (only cash) + Daily color change
Present a ticket to the bar and exchange it with your favorite cocktail
(However, there is a cocktail for extra money)



@ recommended cocktail
Long Island Ice Tea (the best here)
Tequila Shot, Yogi Night, Jack Cock (Munnan)

B52 (four kinds of alcohol + baccarat bombing ..)
Tequila sunrise
Callao, Baileys Milk, Orgasm, Midori Sour,
Zebra Buck, Pitch Crush, Malibu Orange


@ What if you want to get drunk quickly?
Long Island Ice Cream + Bacardi Shot!!!!!!



# The first floor bar drinks

# To smoke or drink on the 2nd floor ledge

# If a locker bracelet is lost or damaged
20000 won (return if found)

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Hongdae NB2 is on the way from Hongdae main gate to Sangsu-dong.

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