Seoul’s Meerkat Cafe!!

Seoul is already famous for its cats Cafes and dogs Cafes, but we’re not gonna take you there today because those are soooo five minutes ago><

What’s trendy now in Seoul is Meerkats Cafe!!

Hanging around Hongdae area, we found this unique Cafe where you can play with meerkats, arctic fox, genet, and raccoon!


Meerkat Friends Cafe


After changing your shoes and ordering one beverage each, you’re free to enjoy a great time with meerkats!


Meerkat Friends Menu

The entrance fee is included in the beverage price, so you have to purchase at least one of the menus, ranging from 8,000 won to 10,000 won depends on what you gonna drink. They offer coffee, ade, and tea.

It’s rare to see people leaving so many seats empty at any Cafe in Seoul, but everyone just couldn’t help to get up and go see the baby meerkats~


The Cafe Meerkat Friends now owns 12 meerkats, one raccoon, one arctic fox and one genet. Please notice that they only accept customers above 15 years old.


Resting Genet, this baby is agile!!


Sleepy Arctic Fox


Meerkat Playground

Not only watching them outside, you can actually enjoy a fun time playing closly with the meerkats!

The play time is around 10 minutes, depends on the condition of the animals, and please make sure you follow the rules and directions of the meerkat zone. (Do not try catch them before they come to you by themselves, do not hold and shake them, empty all your pockets and do not bring anything inside expect for your cell phone, etc.)




~~~Meerkat want’s to play~~~


They seem curious about each other.


Genet Raccoon Fight ><



Open Hours: 12:30~22:00 Mon. & Sat.~Sun.; 12:00~22:00 Tue.~Fri.

Location: 19-12 Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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Seoul’s Meerkat Cafe!!”에 대한 1개의 생각


    This place WOULD have been cool, IF they allowed children! Staff was rude to my wife and kids. We will be doing a full write up and video.

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