A popular restaurant in Insa-dong: Mun-ori(문오리)

A lot of tourists don’t know what and where they should go for a nice meal in Insa-dong(인사동), since it’s not a place that famous for restaurants but traditional Korean tea shop.

However, I discovered a Korean restaurant that super delicious and popular in Korea Instagram ❤️ which is Mun-ori(문오리).

The restaurant is really beautiful since they decorate everything in a traditional Korean way.

Mun-ori means octopus and duck. Actually Mun-ori is a kind of food from Jeju Island, but now you can try it in Insa-dong.

Here are the main menus: Octopus+duck and Octopus + pork tripe.

We had 4 people so we ordered Octopus+duck in mideum size.

It was SO DELICIOUS!!!!😋😋😋😋😋The soup was a little bit spicy and you can taste the freshness of tomato, octopus and duck. So hard to imagine it, right?

And people usually add ramyeon or wudon first and fried rice at the end. I ordered wudon. It was nice but the fried rice at the end was so awesome!!


The boss of the restaurant was so nice. He gave us 4 Korean alchohol and let us to taste it for free! There’re three different Korean alchohol but I forgot what were they….🤔

If you want to go, just find a cloth shop named BAE and get into the alley which just next to it. 

문오리 (Mun-ori)

Address: 5, insa-dong 6 gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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