Green Season in Korea

The new trend in Korea is Green Green Green!!

Green is a fresh and eyes catching color!
And can make you look energy!!
Have you noticed that korean girls all put on green from this season?
Let’s check out their green fashion together now!


Shirt ,knit in green.

Not in a tight style,it a little bit loose and comfortable~
With a little casual style!
(2)Green skirt
Wearing a fresh and beautiful green long skirt is also a trend in Korea now!!
Like a mermaid!
When you walk on the street,it’s very eyes catching!!!
(3)Green purse/case/shoes
Now girls also like to bring a purse in green!
If you don’t want to get others attentions too much,then you can try green purse or phone case!!
(4)Best match with green
Green X White
Green X Black
Green X Flowers
Green X Black X White
Cute and sexy green pajamas can make your partner feel surprised!
Why don’t you get one?
Let’s try the new green trend together now!!
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