Recommend near Incheon airport

If you are looking for a place to stay which near airport then these two rooms will be your best choice.

Host are a lovely couple, who are really kind.Moreover,they work as freelance English and Chinese translators,basically work at home and are ready to help guest without language barrier.


They have two rooms all near Incheon airport.






This room have many advantages:

• Located at the closest village to the airport
• Free ride to Incheon Airport
• Perfect layover spot
• Calm environment just beside the park
• 2-stop ride to Incheon Airport via metro
• Exclusively constructed as a guesthouse
• Free breakfast (8-10am) / wifi
• Latex Mattress on Tatami Floor, In-room GiGA Speed Wifi, Air Conditioner, Makeup mirror, Public Bathroom
• Designed in a traditional setting with oriental flair offering guests with relaxing environment. It was aired on famous TV show “Superstar K 2016” a.k.a. “Korean Idol” for 6 weeks as a residence.

Moreover,host will prepare free delicious Korean style breakfast for guest also they can pick up guest in airport for free!


check more details here:



No1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking

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