Wonder Woman Festival (Sept. 24-25, 2016)


Are you looking for a music festival to attend in this coming fall? Nice weather with the breeze of autumn season and the music at the outdoor stage to appreciate and have fun with your friends and loved ones.

Here, let me introduce you one of the most popular music festival where various kinds of Korean artists from various genre and entertainment companies come gather and perform to let visitors and Seoulites enjoy the beginner of the autumn season.


Wonder Woman Festival!


  • Place: Yeouido 여의도 물빛무대&너른들판

  • Date:  September 24-25, 2016

Line up artists are as follows:


Ticket Price: 1 Day ticket –> 49,000 won (Early bird price: 39,00 won)

2 Day ticket –> 79,000 won (Early bird price: 66,00 won)

Performance time: 12:30~22:00

Entrance time: from 11:30 on

More information and reservation here>> 


Here are some pictures from last year’s concert.


This is one of the activities you can see how Seoulites spend their time on the weekend to relax and appreciate the autumn air along Han river. Check this out and you will fall in love with Seoul’s outdoor cultural performances!

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