Goesan Red Pepper Festival 2016

Goesan Red Pepper Festival 2016


The Goesan Red Pepper Festival is held during harvest season to promote the excellence of peppers grown in Goesan, a major production area of Korea. The festival has numerous programs, including pepper-picking and fish-catching contest (using the bare hands), pepper recipe competition, pepper cooking contest, and garden pepper planting. Brightly colored and full of flavor, Korean peppers are a particularly popular agricultural product. This is a fun festival where visitors can taste or buy Korean peppers, and talk with farmers.


With the fun festival, there are main interesting events such as  prayer ritual for a rich year and residents’ peace in the county, opening performance, KBS National singing Contest, recreations, included exhibition of worldwide pepper, exhibition of food made with pepper, etc. Besides, there also are hand-on programs that are catching weatherfishes with their bare hands, pepper fishing, pepper kite-flying, culture experience of multi-cultural family, experience center for well-being health, including Healing Camp, Herb Lesson for making lavender perfume, soap etc. In addition, there are events to show Goesan Red Pepper Agriculture, restaurants with sampling dished with red peppers, Goesan tourism PR event, Local specialty stalls, Photo contest zone, etc.



09.01.2016 ~ 09.04.2016


92, Imkkeokjeong-ro, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do

Admission/Participation Fees:


(Seperated charge for activities and purchasing products)


[Bus] From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Goesan Terminal.

From Goesan Terminal, take a taxi to Sports Complex. (종합운동장; Jonghap Undongjang) (5min)

For more info:

+82-43-830-3461~3463 (Korean only)





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