Gang Pool cartoons street!

2016-03-10 11-59-00

Gang Pool is an Internet star that was created by the Republic of Korea netizens. Netizens informed the media name was get a series of portals. After  [genuine comic], [Apartments], [26 years], while such material and emotional hit after another strong configurability is a compelling feature-length narrative Real Madrid were the representatives of the storyteller Internet media era.


Actually this spot is famous to Local Koreans thanks to Gang Pool’s cartoons.

Everyone visits here to look around paths with lots of arts of him.






Gang pool  cartoons street neatly decorated with murals throughout the alley.
I think this spot is the best cartoons street that i have ever seen .




If you walk around this street ,somehow your hear would become warm.
Maybe that’s because The content of his cartoons is inspiring stories warm the chest.



2016-03-10 12-16-58


Stop at GangDong station(Line 5) and go out through exit 4.

Walk straight a head for about 5 minutes. then you look up the entrance of the street

No need Entrance fee. Just Enjoy The most best famous cartoons street !

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