New Must Watch Drama – Come Back Ahjussi!


Looking for a new amazing drama to watch?

Last week SBS started their new amazing drama, Come Back Ahjussi with an all star cast!

Family favorite Lee Min Jung debuts post baby in her first drama with other famous celebrities such as Rain, Honey Lee, and more!


The story behind “Come Back Ahjussi” is about two middle aged men who died but refuse to pass on, and so keep on living on earth within the bodies of Rain and Oh Yeon Seo (we just KNOW this is going to lead to super hilarious scenes of a man in a womans body!)


Here is Rain and Oh Yeon So! Aren’t they both gorgeous? 

The three rules the ghosts have to follow are:

  1. Keep your identity a secret
  2. Revenge is forbidden
  3. Never get involved with humans in matters of life and death

Check out this amazing trailer!


Lee Min Jung plays the character of a sweet and perfect widow who is drawn to Rain because he is actually possessed by her dead husband! Yoon Park also comes out as her other love interest, and they are both so good looking we are super excited about the love triangle.

Catch the latest episodes of Come Back Ahjussi on Viki today!

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