Super Junior Yesung & Eun Hyeok Cafe


I believe there are heaps of Kpop fans in all around the world.

One of the most best popular Kpop group , Super Junior has their own Cafe in Seoul.

Now I will make a post about two famous cafe which is made by a member of Super Junior, YeSung and Eun Hyeok.

1.Mouse Rabbit( YeSung cafe)




As you can see, Lots of cute things were displayed in the cafe. It looked like heaps of foreign tourists visited there to look around Yesung stuff and take some rests drinking Coffee or tea.

2016-02-20 23-39-32

There are tons of Roll cake, Juice and drinks in the cafe.

2016-02-20 23-41-52

Most of menu cost you around 4.500~6.500 won .

It’s kind of cheaper than another cafe.

Although it’s Yesung’s cafe, Yesung rarely visit this cafe.

but sometimes can see Yesung’s real brother , Jong Jin.



Open : 10:00 am

Close : 24:00 am

location : Right next to Keonkuk University

2016-02-21 00-10-28

2. Chocolat bon bon( Eun Hyeok ‘s cafe )

This cafe is also just like Yesung’s cafe but more cozy.

but this cafe is more professional  for Bakery.


2016-02-21 00-32-29




A lot of fans visit here to see Eun Hyeok or his mom who run this cafe by themselves.





Open : Weekdays 08:00 am , Weekend 10:00am

Close:  22:00 pm

Location: It’s bit far from the 구로 디지털단지 station on foot.

But it’s too close from the stations by taxi.

So i just recommend that you visit there by walk . It takes only 15~20 minute.



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