Must try in Incheon- Jjajang Bingsu!

Let’s go to Incheon to Eat Jjajang Bingsu!


Do you remember our previous posts on instagram about this super unusual Bingsu? We wanted to share with our readers exactly where it is located so that you can try it!

It is located in INCHEON and not in Seoul, but there are many things to do in Incheon, so what about checking this place out?

CHECK OUT THE Google Map Link


The cafe that sells this amazing bingsu is a very distinctive building that you will not be able to miss! Look at the way it looks! It is a cartoon/manhwa/manga themed cafe, so hopefully you will be able to notice it right away!


Confused about which building it is? Don’t worry! They have a HUGE PICTURE outside the store you will be able to see very clearly!


The entrance of the cafe!


We LOVE Japanese anime ONE PIECE, and look at the posters on the wall!

It made us very happy and relaxed, because overall the atmosphere for the cafe is so fun and casual!


What a great place to pick up some presents and souvenirs!

But we know what you are all waiting for!


Drumroll Please….



The “Bingsu” actually consists of shaved ice underneath, and the white noodles is actually soft icecream! The “jjajang sauce” is chocolate, and the little yellow and green corn and peas candy!

It also comes with three little syringes full of syrup and other flavours, but what we recommend is that you give it a try first in little sections before mixing it!


When you mix it, this is just like a normal bingsu! (Don’t forget the fruits that they give you on the side!)

So what to you think? Are you tempted to try this delicious bingsu?

We are!

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