[Recommend] More than 50 Years History Restaurants In Seoul Part 2

Did you read our blog post about 50 years History Restaurants in Seoul Part 1? So here is the second part of the blog. Here we gonna introduce 10 more restaurants in Seoul that really famous and remain their’s original taste of the dish.

1. Woolaeoak [우래옥]: 118-1, Jung-gu, Seoul jugyodong

This restaurant is opened at 1946 in ‘Seobuggwan’. And it re-open and the name had changed to’又來 屋’ after  Korea War. cold noodles, bulgogi, etc is famous but Pyongyang cold noodles is the Best Dish ever. Broth is meat soup

2. Munhwaoak [문화옥]: 118-3, Jung-gu, Seoul jugyodong

There’s unknown “Euljilo4ga” specialty famous Seollongtang restaurant. At “Woolaeoak ” the entrance.  It has just the appearance of a Seolleongtang typical house in Seoul. The broth is plain without heavy taste.

3. Nampomyeonoak [ 남포면옥]: Seoul-si Jung-gu Dadong 125

This restaurant Use “Dongchimi”  for their soup brotht. But it writes very deep mixed with the fresh taste of meat broth neat. The old-established in mugyodong (multihull).


4. Chun cheon san gol mag guk su [ 춘천산골막국수]:  Jung-gu, Seoul Euljiro 4 60

There are widely advertised the merits Chuncheon makguksu way to Seoul. Continue to have well-established basing such as Gangwon way makguksu, suyuk, baeksuk. There also  similar Gangwon Sundae.

5. Yeon Nam Seo Seo galbi [ 연남서서갈비]: Mapo-gu, Seoul 109-69 nogosandong

There is also “No Seat and Not Selling Rice In this special Galbi Shop. With the special “stand to eat” ribs House near the Sinchon Rotary. You can only order liquor and also Galbi . Consider as uncomfortable way to eat.

6. Mapo Jinjja Won Jo Choe Daepo[마포진짜원조최대포]: 255-5-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Gongdeok

Mapo, near the roundabout of merit wheres ordinary specialty Pork ribs are focused menu. Gyeongui an aid to open the home pork ribs days (1955) statement was shabby houses near the railroad.

7. Yeogjeonhoegwan[역전회관]: Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 173-21

It was opened infront of Yongsan Station. After re-development they move to Mapo eat Valley. They do serve Gukbapryu or octopus bibimbap, etc. Minced meat Bulgogi is completely roasted is the Main Menu

8. Mapooak[마포옥]: 50-13 Yonggang-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

In 1960s Seoul, the ending of Mapo’s well-established area and the beginning local Seolleongtang. The building is new construction but the place is just old. There Hall on the second floor. Seolleongtang note, there is a quartz Seolleongtang.

9. Andongjang[안동장]:  3 315-18 Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul

‘Anton’ is named Shandong Province. “Andongjang ‘is a well-established by Chinese. Their Mul-Mandu consider as Standard class and JJangppong feel refreshing 構? with the super taste. originally it was chinese food Restaurant but now they are focusing on  is now JJangppong, jajangmyeon, mulmandu.

10. Gaehwa[개화]: Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul 2 107

A landmark of the originator similar to  Chinese Restaurant. Incheon ” gonghwachun” together with Seoul Myeongdong “Gaehwa”. The Best JJaJJangmyeon , jjanseu , Mashed cucumber and with lots of Garlic Ohhyangjangyuk


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