Amazing coastal city- Tongyeong

Tongyeong is a beautiful costal city located on the southern tip of South Korea, you can reach much spectacular sight here, and also, as this city is not too big, you can take bus and sightseeing this lovely harbor easily. We list some of the places and things you may do when you travel to Tongyeong


Tongyeong Jungang Market

All fresh seafood can be enjoyed here




Mireuksan cable car (1975m)

Take the cable car to get the whole view of this fine city




Maemuldo Islands

Photographers always get together here for collecting amazing views of sunrise and sunset



Chungmu Kimbap

One of kinds  of kimbap, nothing in the kimbap but only rice, which you could enjoy the real taste of the rice.


To explore more about Tongyeong by visiting this city’s official site:

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