Library which is surrounded by green forest, Naver Library!!!


“Naver library is  located in  Naver office building lobby which represents the company.

The reason why create a ‘the space with books, library’ instead of showing the famous works of art in th elobby or representative services is the content is contained resemble each other.  All Naver and book knowledge and information, and in that story.



Naver library will make with social vulnerable groups.
Grandma, the book is organized as a touch of  grandfather’s and grand mother’s hands.
Naver Cafe located in the library, with the company ‘bare Better “create a workplace of people with developmental disabilities you young people with intellectual disabilities or autism making coffee.


“Naver libraries’ general libraries, bookstores, book cafes
The place to experience all of the benefits of space in the book.

2016-01-27 22-47-25

-You can enjoy coffee with books.
-Books ‘spine’ is not plugged ‘book cover’ is visible.
-The private collection of expensive rare taxing to purchase can also be seen without having to unfold just ask someone.
-You can also ‘quiet’ library and have a general street or crowded space divided differently depending on the person and the next story.



Mon-Fri 09:00~21:00

Sat-Sun 10:00~17:00


National  Holiday/ Second and the last week of Monday


Location : NAVER Green Factory, 6, Buljeong-ro, Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea




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