The bright cave- Myeongdong


Myeongdong is one of primary shopping areas for tourists in Seoul, diverse shops at streets in Myeongdong attract people to spend their time on shopping here when they come to Seoul.

Back to the time after Korean war, Myeongdong has already been a region filled with restaurants and shopping centers for young Korean students to come, then slowly till nowadays, it becomes to a main shopping district for tourists.

In Myeongdong, you can easily purchase whatever you want; cosmetics, international brands, Korean fashion brands, etc, you can even do shopping in high-class department stores here!

If you would like to spend more time on sightseeing but at the same time you do need to purchase souvenirs, clothes or some cosmetics? Then yap, come here!  Buy everything you need to buy once, and back to sightseeing for more historical architecture or special attractions!


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