Enjoy different cuisines at same time- TRAVEL AND COOK

There are many fusion restaurants in Korea, where you can enjoy different types of cuisines at the same time, and today I’m gonna introduce one of my favorite one- TRAVEL AND COOK


This time, we ordered their “tour set” menu which included a pizza, a Champon (a noodle dish) and a Tteokbokki with squid.


Pizza is Korean type of pizza very thin but with sufficient cheese, and Tteokbokki not too spicy, and very chewy!



I really recommend their Champon, somehow I kinda feel compare to traditional Korean flavor  Champon, their Champon is more with the flavor of Chinese dish, very tasty!


They have many branches in Korea, and the one I went is Seoul National University Branch.


It’s located on the second floor, and can be easily found!


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