Lighting Festival at The Garden of Morning Calm

3820414201200007k_The Garden of Morning Calm

Located at Gapyeong, a little bit north of Seoul, the Garden of Morning Calm is a marvelous garden where always bring us the different view of four seasons. And now, when the time turns to winter, they are holding this special lighting festival in their gorgeous winter landscape for us to experience a different romantic night.


Entrance fee:

Weekend/Holiday: Adult  9000KRW ; Youth 6500KRW ; Kid 5500KRW

Weekdays: Adult  8000KRW; Youth 6000 KRW ; Kid 5000KRW

Opening hours: Weekdays, Sundays 11:00-21:00/ Saturdays 11:00-23:00 (the lighting hour 17:20)

Lighting Festival Time Period: 2015.12.04~2016.03.13

Come here by public transportation:

Subway: Take Gyeongchun line to Cheongpyeong station

Intercity-Train-Express (ITX-Cheongchun):  Take off at Cheongpyeong station.

Ticket reservation by taking ITX:


Address: 477-824 The Garden of Morning Calm , Sumokwon-ro, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

경기도 가평군 상면 수목원로 432

More information by visiting their official site:


Haven’t decided where to visit in Korea in winter?  Come here!  Experience different beauty of Korea!


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