[Announcement] Support the BnBHero Vietnam Facebook page!

BnBHero is more happy than it ever has: Finally BnBHero is now available in Vietnamese! Vietnamese friends, here we come!

Although it is the new-born page, BnBHero Vietnam is doing its best to catch up with other regional pages of BnBHero. New posts and updates will be posted everyday in Vietnamese! Feel free to leave comments and be engage by sharing us your thoughts!
BnBHero Vietnam promises a trustworthy community for housing, promotes trips and shares the lastest trends in entertainment, foods, arts, cultural events and destinations for those who long for a unforgettable journey in Korea.
Invite your friends to read BnBHero Vietnam Facebook page and share this post to help BnBHero Vietnam grow stronger!
Click the LIKE button now at BnBHero Vietnam Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bnbherovietnam/

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