Private Van (Incheon Airport ↔ Guest House/Hotel)

Coming in a group with Family & Friends? And wish to travel without travel agency and have own “Private Van with own private itinerary”?Here we BNBHERO would like to recommend private Van that you can book with..  *Any guest house(hotel) in seoul, Any time (reservation required)

Variety of Choice:
* 1pax- Private Van [Incheon-Guesthouse]
* 2pax- Private Van [Incheon-Guesthouse]
* 3pax- Private Van [Incheon-Guesthouse]
* 4pax- Private Van [Incheon-Guesthouse]
  • Own pick up time
  • Free Meeting service
  • Free Baggage Handling
    – Shuttle’s Merits
  • Best option for all travelers
  • Personalized greeting service
  • Anytime, Anywhere! Customized schedule at your service
  • Door-to-Door service

24/7 reservation service


We do provide other services such as:

  • Available for city tour with driver.
  • Available for downtown Transportation service.

Visit our page to know more:

No1. in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking

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