Hongdae Recommendation- The Old Croissant Factory

Experience Authentic French Pastries in Hongdae!

Looking for something amazingly delicious, but maybe not Korean?

Visit the Old Croissant Factory in Hongdae!

Located in a little alley way and a little bit challenging to find the first time you go visit, it is an amazingly delicious, not so secret bakery that sells out in hours!

Googlemap location here 

Address: 서교동 327-44번지 

Phone Number: 02-337-3636


The Old Croissant Factory is owned by a pastry chef who believes in authenticity, and uses specially imported French Butter to make her Croissants! While the signature item of this bakery are croissants, they also have other delicious and delectable items that we highly recommend you try!

Open from 12.00~ until they sell out (be sure to visit early, because they do sell out!), they are closed every Sunday, Public Holiday as well as first Monday of the month- so be sure to double check if you want to check it out!


Prices for pastries are about 4,000 won each, (some are more expensive), and the signature item is the original croissant! Although they only open from the afternoon, they also make an amazing breakfast because it tastes just as good the next day!

croissant3   Each one of this pastries have a beautifully crispy outer shell that crisps and crumbles when you bite into it and a super moist and flavorsome center- we like to pretend the exercise of finding this place negates the calories!

(Let us pretend…)

Photos Courtesy of Bigskynala


Photo Courtesy of Kha1318

You can even see the butter that they import just to make sure you have the most authentic and delicious croissant experience!

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