[ The 2nd Seoul Kimchi Festival ]


Kimjang Day, Kimjang Party

Citizens, groups, corporations and foreign neighbors gather together at this party to enjoy and share hands-on experiences with Kimjang.

How to Register: Pre-register at Kimjang Festival website
Fee 25,000won (including material cost)

Date: November 6th , 201 (Fri) and 7th (Sat)
6th (Fri) 00 PM – 5 PM (2-2:30 Opening Ceremony)
7th (Sat) 11 AM – 7 PM

Place: Seoul Plaza





The festival includes:

▲ Kimchi-making day (Kimchi-making banquet, performance)
▲ Korea’s Kimchi Market (products available for purchase, classes)
▲ Brilliant Kimchi Culture (performances, art, exhibitions, experience)


A total of 20 different types of programs will fall under these 3 categories.




6th (Fri.) 

7th (Sat.) 

8th (Sun.) 

 Seoul Plaza

 Kimchi-making banquet

Kimchi-making banquet


 Opening Ceremony of “Kimchi Making Day”

Closing Program

Opening Performances

 Kimchi-making Cabbage Festival/ Final Concert

Taepyeong-ro (south end)

Kid’s Zone  [Tayo-themed bus / Photo zone with Pororo and Tobot / Kimchi & Drink Sampling for Kids]


Kimchi market [YTN Kimchi Market, CJ Olive market, Excellent Kimchi, Sweet and Spicy Kimchi Playground]

Gwanghwamun Square

Kimchi-making Exhibition [Kimchi-making scenery/ Kimchi and the Universe]

 Kimchi-making village [Gwangju Kimchi / Temple Kimchi Promotion]

 Cultural Performance [Kimchi Star K Traditional Fusion Performance (3 times in one day)]

Secret Tips with a Kimchi Expert (in cooperation with Bibigo)

Children’s Kimchi Class

Gwanghwamun Square (north end)

Kimchi Alliance

 Cultural Performance [Kimchi Backpackers Open Stage]

 Kimchi Art Gallery


Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Program






Community Village Freemarket




No1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking


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