Pasta & steak restaurant “seoga&cook” 

Korean cook are also good at cooking  western food, don’t you think? If you doubt, check out this famous restaurant and you would believe what I said. 

According to “Seoga&cook,” they serve steak, pasta, fries and so on. The hottest one is the quantity! A dish of spaghetti is set for two people and it costs ₩19000 so that you could share with friends.


Or order a seat which provided with spaghetti, porkchop and some french fries. It costs ₩29,800 and we were satisfied with it. The porkchop was so juicy and tasty! 


The decoration of this restaurant is simple, bright and relaxed. The staff were nice. Sometimes people are too many to have a seat right away. you could tell how popular it is!

They even have their own bottle water and adorable plate, fork and spoon.


If you wanna eat some steak and pasta, give it a try and it won’t disappoint you. Check the website and find the one near your accommodation 😀 
[official website]

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