“To all KakaoTalk lover” [Katalk Store]

It’s no secret that Kakao Talk’s very own emoticons, “Kakao Friends”,
are very popular among Koreans and Foreigners.
Kakao has been experimenting with these stores for a while now
and have finally established their own store.
Katalk Characters–Muzi & Con, Neo, Frodo, Tube, Apeach and Jay-G– now available to collect.
Everything from pencil toppers to mugs notebook dolls to umbrellas are
selling since the first-ever Kakao Friends pop-up store opened.
The Main entrance of the store with Huge MUZI & APEACH

All kind of Katalk Doll

Toothpaste Set and Pouch which only cost 9,000won

Muzi & Con, Neo, Frodo, Tube, Apeach and Jay-G Dolls

Huge Con standing outside the store!!!

Location: Modern Village Main building B2F department store
Hours: 10: 30 am – 10 pm
Direction: Line 2 went to Sinchon Station exit 2 and walk straight up to U-plex. You will see KakaoTalk Huge Character on your left and take escalator to B2 Floor and you will see shop right in front of you .

No1 in Korea / Private apartment, guesthouse & Hanok booking

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