Live Music M Countdown

M Countdown is back for its weekly show featuring performance from several favourite artists. As for the winner, A Pink took the medal with “Remember”. Congratulations to A Pink! ❤

Other performers last night were GOT7, Nine Muses, Infinite, Beast, D. Holic, Maman, MINX, Baby Boo, Blady, SONAMOO, Stellar, NC.A, N*White, G-Friend, Wanna. B, Lee Ki Chan, Z. Hera, Tae Jin Ah, POTEN, Playback and Hello Venus.

IMG_9314[1] IMG_9320[1] IMG_9324[1] IMG_9325[1] IMG_9326[1] IMG_9331[1] IMG_9332[1] IMG_9356[1] IMG_9357[1] IMG_9358[1]

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