Ski resorts in March?

skiresort in Feb

Ski resorts are great place to visit even if you don’t want to ride ski. It’s the best place to walk and take pictures on the thick snow carpet. Yes, snowball fighting with your friends and family of course. 🙂

However, many people don’t know that ski resorts in Korea open till mid or late March. 2012-2013 season was closed on March 24th in many ski resorts.

For your next Korea trip, please remember February is the best season to enjoy ski resorts because it is not as cold as January and it’s not crowded after Korean school holiday season. However, there still is plenty of snow on ski slope.

You can even go to ski resorts in March. Don’t you believe? Then, click here to see how people enjoyed at Phenix Park Ski resort on Mar 16. ^ ^


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